Thursday, April 16, 2020

Week 62 - Landscaping 101

BVUUF Building Project Construction Status
March/April 2020

Significant Milestones
  • Landscaping begun - working on irrigation system first
  • Stucco rework & painting substantially complete
Other Major Activities This Month

  • HVAC system essentially complete.  There will be a test!
  • Initial commercial cleaning
  • AV installation continuing
  • Punch lists developed by building committee & architect
  • Decided on location of a bike rake, donated by two generous members.  Milo will install
Major Activities Next Month

  • Complete landscaping (weather dependent)
  • Milo working on punch list
  • Complete AV systems installation
  • Key all doors
  • Key card entry system to be completed
  • Gutters to be installed
  • City inspections
  • Install large BVUUF sign at the corner
  • Final cleaning

The total number of hours that Milo Construction and their sub contractors have spent working on our project.

Click here to see our week 62 construction progress video entitled: