Saturday, April 6, 2019

Building Project Construction Status

Week 8
Significant Milestones:
  • Concrete footings for sanctuary and RE wing ready to pour next week.
  • Demolition is finished (mostly).
  • Trees and brush are removed and grading is underway.
  • The barn was moved and will be moved again to a permanent concrete pad.


  • Waiting for Xcel to demo the gas line and install new electric service.
  • After a meeting with the HVAC contractor, there may be a redesign of the duct work in the admin wing.  The old ducts are not appropriate for use.
  • Schedule is still green which means on-schedule.

Next Month:
  • Ground source heat pump (GSHP) drilling will begin. (Goodbye natural gas!)
  • Will dig retention ponds. (Might lose 1 of the big pine trees.)
  • Pouring of concrete footing will continue.