Thursday, December 19, 2019

Week 45 - A Mini-Mobile Momentous Moment

BVUUF Building Project Construction Status

Significant Milestones

  • Interior finishing work is ongoing
  • Exterior work is slowed by cold weather
  • Landscaping postponed until spring
Other Major Activities This Month
  • Starting stucco application & painting on exterior
  • Spraying another layer of paint in lobby area ceiling, bathrooms and clerestory
  • Installing ceiling tile in the School of the Spirit (SOS) wing
  • Hanging sheetrock in the sanctuary on walls and over the dais
  • Building a hydrothermal mechanical room
  • Wiring up heat pumps in classrooms
  • Starting beetle kill ceiling in Sanctuary
  • Starting floor tile and carpet installation
Parking Lot Paving Issues
  • Both wet & frozen soils are issues
    • Soil is frozen 12" below the surface
  • The Building Committee continues to aggressively monitor the situation and consider alternatives.
This week's Building Committee video clip of construction progress is entitled

to view, click the title above.