Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Two Meetings on Monday Morning with Contractors

Hi All,
Jim Highsmith and David Burrous managed to schedule two meetings in one trip to Boulder on Monday morning, although it looked for a while like we might miss both. There was a train blocking 55th street!  We finally figured out there was a back way to get where we were going and proceeded on our way, arriving on 20 minutes late.
A traffic cop, to let folks know that the train had been sitting there since 6 am, might not have gone amiss.   

But what a good problem solving opportunity for us!

First we met with representatives of Milo Construction. We had a positive discussion with them. They are still enthusiastic about working with us and will get busy communicating with their subs and putting their bid packages together today. They should have a bid to us in 3-4 weeks. The best summation of the meeting

We remain cautiously optimistic.

Second, we met with Faurot Construction. We had a cordial, honest, and straightforward discussion with them.  We started by saying that the possible cuts they had proposed went too far and that we needed to step back and consider those cuts, the financing, etc. We described our transition plans that we had made and executed, and said that even a few weeks’ notice from them would have saved us time, money, and headaches. We informed them that we would seek another bid from another construction company for comparison with theirs. 

We shook hands all around as we left.

Not much concrete information yet, but we will have better figures in a few weeks.