Friday, May 12, 2017

New Committee Member & Architect Interviews

New Member:  The Committee said farewell to Anne Bridgins who has served us well for the last several months. Anne has moved to New York City for a job opportunity there.The Committee thanks Anne for all her hard work and wishes her well.

Robyn Rathweg indicated an interest in the open position and after her name was forwarded to the Board, she was approved and welcomed to join the Committee. We are all looking forward to working with Robyn as we move forward on this important project. Welcome Robyn!

Architect Interviews:  The Committee has finished interviewing representatives from 3 different architectural firms.  Now, members of the Committee will study all the documents that were submitted and compare services, prices and personalities.  The Committee will probably make a decision as to which of the architectural firms can best meet the Fellowship's needs by the end of May.

Important Dates to Remember:  
  • Town Hall #2, Sunday, May 21st, 12 noon. Topic:  Stay/Go
  • Q & A, Sunday, May 28th, 11 am.  
  • Annual Congregational Meeting, Saturday, June 3rd,  5-8 pm.  Vote:  Stay/Go