Thursday, October 10, 2019

Week 35 -Pipes and Pipers

Lots of progress in the ceiling and behind the walls
  • Jacob (On-Site Supervisor) is doing general cleanup, and getting the blue storage container ready to move out.
  • The mechanical guys are doing some final punch out items for tomorrow’s inspection. Their insulation contractor is wrapping all of the mechanical water pipes.
  • The electricians are wiring the dais to be ready for the carpenters to sheet the stage. They are also installing light fixtures in the sanctuary.
  • Jacob has been rolling up all of the fire hoses and cold protection for water risers.
  • The guys are sealing up all of the ductwork in the sanctuary and removing extra materials.
  •  The crews are insulating the walls in the classroom wing.
  • The electricians are pulling the home runs for panel A and making up outlets for permanent power.

To view the Week 35 video clip, click here: Pipes and Pipers