Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Environmental, Energy Efficient, and Green Construction Meeting

Ever wonder what a Building Committee meeting with Consultants looks like?

Here are some of the topics that were touched on at our Tuesday, September 26th meeting, convened to discuss Environmental, Energy Efficient, and Green Construction issues. 

Meeting at Barrett Studio, Boulder, Colorado
In Attendance:  Steve Szabo, Jim Highsmith, David Burrous, Martin Ogle, Rich Keilman

  •  solar thermal, geothermal, face the building to the south, use passive solar on the south?
  • By using energy efficiencies, your mortgage goes down.
  • Doors will be up to code.  Windows will be better energy efficiency.
  • What about overhang?  ---We’re taking that into consideration.
  • We could do thermal imaging to find out what problems there are.
  • What about sealing it with foam?
  • It’s worth looking at closed cellular foam
  • flash and fill.  Its hybrid of cellulose blowing in
  •  The wet cellulose is problematical
  • We were talking about solar thermal, geo-exchange. Cut the cord with natural gas.
  •  we need to figure out the pay back
  •  LED fixtures, last 2 years has really progressed.  Do them everywhere.
  •  Occupancy switches.
  • Replace EXIT signs with LED.  
  • Load monitoring system
  • Let’s look at the electric bill 
  •  hybrid, geo/solar thermal.  The geo is the back-up.
  •  Can we do community solar?
  •  Solar Hot Air
  •  Is there another PV (solar panel) place?  --We always start with the idea of hiding the panels.  --Shouldn’t we showcase them?  If you hide the panels, what are you saying? 
  •  The new Tesla solar roof looks beautiful.  They look like tiles.  The roof is guaranteed for life.  They’re impact free.
  •  How to make this system simple.  We want it to run by itself.
  •  Insulation is key.  Building envelope is the way to go for the efficiency
  •  Energy Smart Audit?
  •  Thin film solar? 
  • it all depends on how much it costs...