Monday, September 4, 2017

The Great Reveal!

Dear Friends:

Sunday, September 10th is the Great Reveal!

Reveal of what, you might say?  Well, your building committee has been busy since March analyzing and synthesizing input from the congregation, the staff, the children; anyone who would give us an opinion.  We've hired an architectural firm and we've been meeting in small groups with the project manager so that he might listen to their needs and dreams. 

Now, the architect has taken all of our input and developed a "Conceptual Design".  What's that?  Well, it's a beginning design of a building.  It's not the final design.  It begins to show us what we might be able to afford.  Just a reminder, "We're not picking out doorknobs yet."  That means, we're looking at designs that are "conceptual" and we're not ready to start talking about where the doorknobs go.  Also, after more input,  spaces may change size and they might even move to a different part of the building.  Imagine looking at a building from up above in a drone.  You can see how the building is shaped, but you can't see the doorknobs.

But, we want to show you what we've gotten accomplished so far and hope that you will be as amazed as we are.   Yes, we got a peek at the design at our last meeting.

A few details about how the meeting on the 10th will run: 
  1. As you enter the sanctuary, you'll be given a 3X5 card.
  2. Put your name on the card and write down one (1)  question that you have for the architects or the building committee to be answered after the presentation.  If you have more than one question, ask the building committee for additional cards on which to again write your name and one (1) question.  Remember, only one question per card.
  3. The architects have a 1 hour-long PowerPoint presentation that they would like to run which demonstrates how we arrived at the present conceptual design.  
  4. There will not be any questions taken during the architects' presentation. They've got a lot of territory to cover.  However if you have one, write it on your 3X5 card and hold it up.  The cards will be collected and categorized according to subject.
  5. After the architects' PowerPoint presentation, the building committee will ask the questions that have been submitted on the 3X5 cards.  
  6. If we run out of time to answer all the questions we may have to answer them in the blog.
Just a quick reminder.  Although it would be of great interest to continue asking questions of the architects well into the night, the "meter is ticking".  We love these architect guys and spend a lot of time with them discussing design issues, but they're not meeting with us for free, remember "time is money".