Saturday, May 20, 2017

What the little kids say they want!

We've surveyed the adults in the Fellowship to ask what their priorities are for space in the Fellowship.  Ever wonder what the kids in the School of the Spirit would like to have in a new or remodeled space?

Thanks to De Anna Hoyle, Director for School of the Spirit for collecting this information.

Here's what the kids said they would like:
  • A place for people to stay overnight if need be
  •  A Room of Requirement - (from Harry Potter) - a place to go for quiet and peace
  • Library
  • More equipment / outdoor space 
  • Soccer nets
  • A place to hang hammocks
  • A climbing wall
  • More bike racks
  • A running track
  • Patio for tables, picnic area
  • Wrestling/gymnastic pad
  • Gymnastic bars
  • Keep joys and sorrows
  • Keep sand boxes
  • Keep/more climbing and play stuff 
  • Keep easy access to outside