Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Updates

Happy New Year!

Your Building Committee members and many, many others, are busy working behind the scenes in an effort to move our building project ahead as efficiently as possible.

We are closing in on some very important milestones, not the least of which is the eventual move out of our current building.  Obviously, the more lead time we have to prepare for the move, the better.

There are a lot of ministries hinging on that unknown move-out date:  Sunday Services & SpiritJam, Meeting of the Minds, Path to Membership, to mention only a few ... plus all those monthly meetings!

Here are the milestones that we have facing us in the next few weeks:

  1. Secure the bank loan
  2. Receive a new bid and contract (Milo Construction)
  3. Approve the contract (board)
  4. Review the contract (our attorney)
  5. Sign the approved contract (board)
Once the contract is signed, we are going to want to start construction right away.  We don't have to time these things perfectly.  We can move out a week or two before construction starts.  But we do want to be as sure as we can be that construction WILL start before we set things in motion again.

Once we have a firm construction start date, we'll communicate clearly with everyone so that we can gear up for the move again.  We're hoping Committee on Shared Ministry & Board liaisons can reach out to their Councils and Committees to support them during the transition.

Here is the document with off-site meeting options We'll need to distribute this document widely as well.

Here is an update on possible rental spaces:

  • Sunday Services:  We are in conversation with Boulder Valley School District to discuss the possible use of Pioneer Elementary School.  It has a great location at the intersection of  Baseline Road and Public Road, right next to the Lafayette Recreation Center, as well as very workable spaces for worship, fellowship and religious education.  No contract can been signed until the above-mentioned milestones are complete.
  • Office Space:  For the first time since we started talking with them months ago, Office Evolution has no rentals available at this time.  Perhaps that will shift in the new year, but we may have to get even more creative to find space. We've looked into other office spaces and renting space from other congregations as well and will keep looking. 
It's going to be an exciting 2019, that's for sure!

Our Year of Adventure continues.