Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year's News!

The Building Committee met last Thursday night for our bi-monthly meeting.  We are very pleased to report that the builder whom we had chosen has accepted our invitation to build and remodel the Fellowship.  So, now we can make a revealing announcement:

The name of the builder is (drum roll):

of Boulder

Some of the reasons that we chose Faurot to build and remodel our building are:
  • They have lots of experience:  A few of their projects include:  Clínica Family Health Services, Upslope Brewery, Rallysport Health and Fitness Club and Vic's Express. 
Okay, so you might be saying to yourself, that's pretty good, a clinic, a brewery, a health club and a coffee shop.  But what about a church? Have they ever built a church?  Do they know how to build a church?
  • The answer is yes.  Would you believe that Faurot is building and remodeling the First Universalist Church of Denver?  They are almost finished with the work and Faurot receives high praise indeed from 1st U of Denver, for their work.
 And what about our architects, Barrett Studios?  Will they work well with Faurot?
  • Yes, we're pretty sure that they will, since Barrett Studios was the architectural firm contracted by the First Universalist Church to work with Faurot.
Your Building Committee has worked hard the last few months doing "due diligence": interviewing and re-interviewing builders, checking references, talking with prior clients, emailing, phone calling, etc.  We feel confident that we have found the best builder for our project.  We hope you agree.

Wishing you all the best of a Happy New Year!