Monday, December 17, 2018

Away We Go!


Sunday's Congregational Meeting was incredible.  Now the Building Committee has to make it happen. We're excited!

Milo Construction was contacted on Monday regarding the results of Sunday's Congregational meeting.  They are also excited about moving forward with our project.  They'll soon be moving a couple of storage containers onto the property to house some of their supplies in anticipation of finalizing a contract in mid-January.  This is really going to happen!

The architect submitted the plans to the City of Lafayette.  There was only one question about the plan, but it was a simple one.  It looks like the permit won't be an issue.

Timing continues to be powerful driving force for our project.  It's like we're running 5 different timelines right now to incorporate the contractor's needs, the Board needs, the final bid, the approved bank loan, the final total budget, the revised pledge income, etc.  Remember the circus act where the clown tried to keep the spinning plates from falling off the sticks?  That's us.  But, it's an exciting time!

We requested a draft contract from Milo without final amounts so that we could have our internal and external legal reviews well underway.  We're always trying to get ahead of our timelines.

The Building Committee will meet again this week and we will continue to comb through the project contract to look for ways to save the Fellowship money, without touching the kitchen! 

Here we go!  Hang on!