Monday, August 7, 2017

Latest Update from Barrett Studio Architects

This just in from the Architects:

SOIL REPORT:  "We received the soils report this week from Scott, Cox and Associates. Leafing through the report, the news for foundations as relates to the soils and water table is positive.  The ground water depth is well below the depth of where a crawl space will be for the new construction.  Soils encountered in the depths of where we will be excavating are of low expansive potential, meaning traditional spread footings are possible and we will likely avoid any expensive caisson or pier construction."

SURVEYING:  "Ehrhart surveying confirmed they will be doing the survey work within the next two weeks and will forward us the survey document immediately after completion."

FLOOR PLAN LAYOUTS:  "We've continued to develop floor plan layouts for each 'wing' of the project, both for remodeling existing space and new construction.  Programming meetings have been very helpful in understanding the space needs, but we do anticipate more in-depth programming meetings once the project concept is approved. "
MASTER PLAN:  "For now we have enough information to create an overall layout of the master plan, which we'll be working on next week.  We'll also be looking at the exterior design of the concept in more detail, considering door and window locations and materials."

REMEMBER:  Don't miss the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, September 10th.  

At that time the architects will have had all summer to put our conceptual ideas together to provide us with some preliminary drawings and computer graphics... in 3D!