Sunday, October 28, 2018

Requesting a Second Bid

Dear Friends:

Last Thursday morning, at the Fellowship,  Jim, Larry Arp, and David met with our architect Rich,  several people from another construction company and several potential sub-contractors.  We did this because we have asked another construction company  to submit a bid for our project.

The CEO of the construction company was there and a half dozen or so potential sub-contractors showed up to walk the property, asked a lot of questions and "walked thru" the drawings.

Jim & I were impressed with the tenor of the conversations. In several areas the CEO had some good alternative solutions to offer regarding remodeling and construction.

So, we won’t have a bid for a couple of more weeks but remain cautiously optimistic regarding the interactions with this construction company.  They seem to be very good communicators.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Q and A from the October 14th Listening Session: click on FAC-->

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Two Meetings on Monday Morning with Contractors

Hi All,
Jim Highsmith and David Burrous managed to schedule two meetings in one trip to Boulder on Monday morning, although it looked for a while like we might miss both. There was a train blocking 55th street!  We finally figured out there was a back way to get where we were going and proceeded on our way, arriving on 20 minutes late.
A traffic cop, to let folks know that the train had been sitting there since 6 am, might not have gone amiss.   

But what a good problem solving opportunity for us!

First we met with representatives of Milo Construction. We had a positive discussion with them. They are still enthusiastic about working with us and will get busy communicating with their subs and putting their bid packages together today. They should have a bid to us in 3-4 weeks. The best summation of the meeting

We remain cautiously optimistic.

Second, we met with Faurot Construction. We had a cordial, honest, and straightforward discussion with them.  We started by saying that the possible cuts they had proposed went too far and that we needed to step back and consider those cuts, the financing, etc. We described our transition plans that we had made and executed, and said that even a few weeks’ notice from them would have saved us time, money, and headaches. We informed them that we would seek another bid from another construction company for comparison with theirs. 

We shook hands all around as we left.

Not much concrete information yet, but we will have better figures in a few weeks.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

It's been a busy two weeks..... Lake Wait-Be-Gone!  Where the Senior Minister is strong, all the Board members are good-looking, and the Building Committee members are all above average!

Greetings Friends:

Yes, we've all been busy ... meeting, emailing, and generally picking each other's brains electronically and in person.  Lots of emails.  I think it's the first time that my inbox folder has more messages than my junk folder.  That's a lot.

During the last two weeks we've attended meetings with the contractor, the architect, the Board, sub-committees of the Building Committee, sub-committees of the Board, and Rev. Lydia.  We're at the Fellowship so much, we're all considering bringing cots and a camp stove and moving into Alcott.  It would save travel time so we could meet more.  ; - )

I point out how many meetings have occurred and how many emails have be sent out and received to assure you that the Building Committee, the Board, Rev. Lydia and many others too numerous to name are feverishly working behind the scenes to do our due diligence regarding the remodeling of the building.  We will make sure that we protect the Fellowship and your investment and we will not move forward until we are sure that all of the i's are dotted and the t's crossed.

Yes, it would be nice if the construction were starting up this month.  It's something we've all dreamed about. But until we can get issues with the contractor settled, we must wait.  Think of our "wait time" as time spent protecting the Fellowship. Be assured that we are doing our research and we're not moving forward until we've got a plan we can afford.

We are working hard to realize our vision.

Be of good cheer. 

David Burrous for the Building Committee

PS:  If you have not seen Marky Lloyd's letter to the Fellowship, it's attached below.

Greetings, All:
I'm getting in touch to let you know about a significant action taken by the Board at our October 3 meeting.
Construction Delayed  
The Building Committeerecently received the construction bid from the contractor BVUUF has been working with and it was around $750,000 higher than expected due to a variety of factors. While we were prepared for the possibility of a bid slightly above our budget, we were shocked at the number we received, and I'm sure you are as well. Since we received that information, your Building Committee and Board have been hard at work discerning our path forward. We are carefully exploring our options, including working with the architect and builder to reduce the gap, considering additional financing options, and examining other possible solutions. As you can appreciate, it will take time to gather the necessary information, including input from the congregation, and to reflect on it. Therefore, at Wednesday's Board meeting, we decided to delay the start of construction until Spring. 
This means:
1. We will continue to hold Sunday services in our Fellowship building. And on November 4, we will switch to 2 Sunday services. 
2. We will hold the October 27 Auction at the Fellowship.
3. The office staff will move from our temporary quarters in Louisville back to the building. (This will save us money for later use.)
4. Committees and groups can continue to meet at the Fellowship for the foreseeable future. (Remember to schedule your meetings and room locations on the calendar.)
Of course, you will have questions about all of this, and the Building Committee, Construction Finance Team, and the Board want to share with you what we know. Therefore, we have scheduled an Information and Listening Session on Sunday, October 14, in the sanctuary following the service, to share what we know at that time, to respond to your questions, and to listen to your thoughts and feelings. More information about that will follow shortly. 
Also, remember to check the Building Committee's blog for up-dates and if you have questions, put them on that blog. 
I want to thank Carol Pranschke, our Office Manager, and Robyn Rathweg, Prue Larson, and Juli MacKenzie for the superb jobs they are doing managing the many aspects of our transition--and will now tackle all the details (including financial) of the move back to our building. They have shown "grace under pressure," keeping their composure handling all of these changes. Please thank them when you see them!
And I also want to thank each of you for all of the time, energy, and financial support you have contributed to help us reach this point in our building project. As we move through these changes, let's remember these words from John C. Maxwell: "Visions don't change, they are only refined. Plans rarely stay the same and are scrapped or adjusted as needed. Be stubborn about the vision, but flexible with your plan."
As always, your Board and Building Committee appreciate your support as we move through this process. 
In community,
Marky Lloyd
Board President