Monday, November 13, 2017

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  • The Power Point Presentation that Larry and Jim used to present information about the building/remodeling project.

  • Questions that were asked during the last Congregational Meetings and their answers.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Goal, Interviews, Collaboration, City of Lafayette, Schematic, Timeline!

Building Committee Update, November 4, 2017

Goal:  This past Thursday, Nov. 2, the Building Committee, the Board, and the Combined Capital Campaign Committee met to discuss progress, next steps, and specific motions to bring to the congregation at our Nov. 12 congregational meeting. Larry Sherwood presented the results of the Capital Campaign Feasibility Study which was very positive. The discussion that followed focused on the fundraising goal for our capital campaign. That goal will be announced at the Nov. 12 meeting.

Construction/Builder Interviews:  On Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week Jim Highsmith, David Burrous, and Kevin Muller interviewed the 3 builders who submitted bids for our project. The full committee will interview the two finalists next Wednesday. 

Collaborative Team:  We want a builder who can work with BVUUF and our architect during pre-construction (now) as well as construction. We think that having a collaborative team of Barrett Architects, a builder, and our congregation gives us the best approach for a successful project. We learned a lot from talking to the three firms. We explored similarities and differences in their cost estimates and project approach.

City of Lafayette:  The objective of the next phase of our project is to submit our Site Plan and Architecture Review documents to the city of Lafayette for approval. We need to have our overall designs reasonably complete for this submittal, so there is a substantial amount of engineering work (civil, mechanical, landscape, energy, etc.) that needs to be completed.

Schematic Design:  In addition, we will engage ministers, staff, and committees in another iteration of needs assessments to move from our current conceptual design to what the architects refer to as schematic design. Our goal would be to have the city’s approval by the time the capital campaign is completed so we could quickly move into the construction phase. You can see our current "guestimate" of a timeline from now until move in the sidebar list of information.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Next Big Step!

Our building project is approaching another major milestone—whether or not to proceed with a Capital Fund Raising Campaign and the next iteration of architectural design. We now have in hand a fund raising feasibility study done by our consultant Kay Crider and preliminary cost estimates from three builders based on our conceptual architectural design.

The bottom line: Our building project, as outlined in the conceptual design, is feasible. We still have work to do on refining funding sources and costs—subtracting here and adding there—but we are encouraged by the information gathered to date. Preliminary figures are that the costs and our fundraising ability are slightly under $3 million.

Any project like ours is involves a process of gathering information and making decisions. Gathering takes time, analysis, and money. At each stage the information is more accurate, but it’s never perfect. There is a degree of uncertainty with each decision, but at each stage our information is more accurate.

So we have arrived at our next decision point, a congregational meeting on November 12 to decide on whether or not to proceed with a capital fundraising campaign and the next iteration of architectural design (that includes city approval). In the last two weeks we have received new information to help with this decision—the fundraising feasibility study and builder’s cost estimates.

Barrett Studios, our architectural firm, developed a conceptual bid package and submitted it to 6 potential builders. Three responded with proposals that we are reviewing. The week of October 30 we will conduct preliminary interviews with these three builders with the goal of selecting one to work with us during the next phase of design.

Put November 12 on your calendars for our next congregational meeting to decide on our Next Big Step.

Jim Highsmith, Co-Chair, Building Committee