Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Who's Doing What?

Ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes of the Fellowship as we prepare to transition?  On the right side of your screen you'll see a short menu entitled "Got Questions?  We've Got Answers".  click on: Who's Doing What?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Banners and Sandwich Boards

The following two signs will guide you to our services when we move to Angevine MS, Sunday, September 30.  On that day we will gather first at BVUUF on Ceres Drive and caravan over to our new place for Sunday services.

The first one, below, is a 3' X 9' banner.  When construction begins at the Fellowship, there will be a chain link fence surrounding the property.  We will mount a banner at each former driveway to remind you that you need to proceed to Angevine MS.

The banner will also remind our neighbors that we're gone, but we'll be back in 2019.

The second sign, a bright orange "sandwich board" will be placed at the entrance to the driveway of Angevine MS on South Boulder Road, indicating where to enter the school property.

A second "sandwich board" will be placed in front of the main entrance of the school.

Reminder:  the entrance to Angevine is way north of the entrance off of South Boulder Road, at the opposite end of the building.  Look for the orange "sandwich board".  We'll be waiting for you there.

A big thank you to Kris Zoellner and Janet Meyer for their graphic design expertise.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Are we on track with the new building & renovation schedule?

A quick message from Jim Highsmith our Building Committee Co-Chair:

Recent word from the city is that permit reviews are taking about a month, about the timing we estimated.

Construction drawings will be submitted to the city for review the middle of next week (August 22). 

Start of construction depends on finalizing things like our bank loan and final bid and contract with Faurot (our general contractor). 

We are still on track to begin construction in late September or early October.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Design Team...The Next Logical Step

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a work in progress these days. We have an architect, we have drawings, elevations, a plan, and we exceeded our fund raising goal. 
The Building Committee is working tirelessly with the architect, the builder, acoustician, landscaper and many other entities to bring our long sought expansion into reality. 
 Wall coverings, colors, counters, flooring, and lighting are just some of the basics of what needs to come together in an integrated way. 
 To do this and more, a DESIGN TEAM was created. We consist of two members of the Building Committee, an Aesthetics Team representative, Rev. Lydia, and four others who add gender and age diversity, including 2 parents with young children.
We have met several times, including a 3 hour charrette (intensive session) with the architect to begin hammering out how we work together, make basic decisions, and how to interface with the congregation.

A design vision for our building project was drafted and approved by the Building Committee and Board:

Making Room for Our Future

The Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
envisions a renovated existing building, new sanctuary, and education wing and outdoor environment that:

+Welcomes all ages, abilities and backgrounds, provides warmth of spirit, beauty, and hospitality, through our interior and exterior design;

+Embodies our UU Principles, SOURCES and our mission to be a
Center for Spiritual Exploration and Justice Making:

+Exemplifies the integration of voices of our Fellowship community;

+Encourages clear communication and beautiful music through good
acoustic design;

+Uses environmentally friendly design and materials and employs energy efficient technology.

+Maintains fiduciary responsibility to the congregation, keeping in mind,
“Smart design can overcome humble materials;”

+Is user-friendly, easily cared for, durable and safe; and

+Is an example to our community in our processes, our design and

Towards this end, we take pride and joy in ownership of this building. 

Here’s what’s coming: Advisory Groups for comment on specific areas of the project such as the sanctuary, the kitchen, the Religious Education wing, and the entry ways. 
Let us know of your interest by emailing   Listening Sessions are being scheduled in September to provide opportunities for your general input.
We are excited about what is unfolding at 1241Ceres Drive and know you are, too. 
Opportunities are coming for adding your voice. Watch Connections and the Building Committee blog for dates and times.
Diana Forest, Wendie Highsmith, Jon Holmberg, Jess Kent, Debbie Lane, Rev. Lydia, Robin Churchill Rathweg, and Eric Williams.