Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Barrett Studio Chosen As Our Architect

The Building Committee interviewed 3 different architects and met with them several times to carry out deep conversations.  After much discussion and research, we unanimously chose Barrett Studio of Boulder to help us design our newly remodeled space. 

Barrett Studio has worked with several spiritual centers in Colorado, namely:  First Universalist Church of Denver, Jefferson Unitarian Church, Abbey of St. Walburga and Boulder Jewish Commons, to name a few. 

It was Barrett Studio's extensive work with UU spiritual spaces and their familiarity with UU beliefs that impressed us. Please visit the Barrett Studio website to view some of their past work and see if you aren't impressed also.

Yesterday (Tuesday), representatives of the Building Committee, the Board, and Barrett Studio met with Reverend Lydia to discuss what a UU spiritual space could look like through the minister's lens.