Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday's Fruitful Meeting with Barrett Studio

Members of the Building Committee met with the architects, Barrett Studio, on Monday afternoon in Boulder.
We had a very fruitful meeting discussing:
  • Energy Efficiency possibilities, both passive and active,
  • Timelines
  • Potential Builders and an investigation process,
  • Next phase of work for the architect.
The most challenging and ever-changing and ever-evolving part of the process to organize and make sure that they mesh together, are the various timelines with which we are working.  Some we have more control over than others.
  • Conceptual Architectural Drawings
  • Interview Congregational Committees and Departments, 
  • Permissions from the Board,
  • Permissions from the Congregation,
  • Zoning, 
  • Permitting, 
  • Interview Builders,
  • Hire Builder,
  • Detailed Architectural Drawings, 
  • Feasibility Study, 
  • Capital Campaign, 
  • Finances, 
  • Weather,
  • Breaking Ground,
Quite honestly, after this project is finished, if you ever want to remodel your house and you need a good Project Manager, any one of the members of the Building Committee would be able to fit the bill!